Dorm Four


Apr 17, 2014

Dorm 4 is a bunch of guys who at some point in their lives went to LeTourneau University. And while at LeTourneau University just happened to live on the two best floors on campus: Mabee Hall floor 2 and Mabee Hall floor 3. Somehow this diverse group of engineers, pilots, athletes, Bible students, English students, chemists, biologists, and whatever else have come together year after year to study, live, and work together. Friendships have been formed that last far after graduation day, and unlikely memories of insane, crazy, funny, and perhaps stupid activities will last a life time. Some of the scars will too. But what is a brotherhood but a place to be yourself and discover just how close to insane you can make your roommate?

Where We're From

Apr 17, 2014

Dorm 4 members are from everywhere: Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, Wyoming, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Illinois, New York, Iowa, California, Washington, Pennsylvania, Papau New Guinea, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, and, of course, Texas. Dorm 4 members study everything and make fun of everyone (but especially non-engineers).


Apr 17, 2014